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Know the lingo…The coupon lingo that is

By now you have clipped and organized your coupons in your new coupon binder and you want to start looking through the sale ads and finding the matchups online.  If you took a look at my CVS trip shopping list in my previous post, “So, What’s this couponing thing about?” then you have seen all of the crazy abbreviations that I used in the breakdown.  It can be very confusing to read and understand what the deals are and what coupons you need to use if you don’t know what all those mean.
Well, fear not my friends!  I’m going to tell you what abbreviations you need to know to get started in writing out your shopping list.


Coupon Abbreviations and Definitions

  • Q – Coupon
  • DQ – Digital Coupon: A coupon that you can add to a loyalty card for a specific store.  Dollar General, Family Dollar, Publix and Kroger’s are good places to find these.
  • MF or MFR – Manufacturers coupon: can be stacked with a store coupon
  • SQ – Store Coupon: A coupon put out by the store and can be stacked with an MFR
  • IP or IPQ – Internet Printable: A coupon that you can print from an online source.  You can print these in color or black and white ( I usually do black and white unless it prints from my phone)
  • RP – Redplum: Name of one of the inserts that have coupons in the paper
  • Smart Source – Name of one of the inserts that have coupons in the paper
  • P&G – Proctor and Gamble: Name of one of the inserts that have coupons in the paper, usually once a month
  • Blinkie – These are coupons that come out of little boxes around stores; mainly grocery stores
  • Peelies – These are the little coupons that you will find on a product on the shelf, you can peel these off and use them right away
  • GC – Gift card
  • ECC – Extra Care Card: This is CVS’s loyalty program
  • ECB – Extra Care Buck: CVS store reward; can be used just like cash on just about anything in the store, some exclusions apply
  • CRT – Cash Register Tape: A coupon that prints on register tape or from the magic coupon box or red box at CVS
  • BB – Beauty Buck: CVS’s Beauty Club Rewards program.  For every $50 spent, you get a $5 ECB
  • Catalina or CAT – This is a coupon the prints from a machine next to the cash register after your receipt prints.  Target is a good place to get these.
  • MM – Money Maker: this happens when your coupons exceeds the amount that you are spending, resulting in you getting money back or an overage to go towards other items in your transaction
  • BOGO or B1G1 – Buy One Get One: Usually refers to buy one get one free, but could include a discount such as 50% off the second item
  • WYB – When you buy.  An example of this would be: Get a $5 GC wyb (when you buy) 3 cans of soup.  You must buy all 3 cans of soup to get the GC
  • YMMV – Your Milage May Vary: which means you may or may not get the same results at your store, depending on the coupon policy, your coupon value or how they interpret the coupon
  • CW – Cartwheel: This is targets reward program.  You download the app onto your phone, go through the categories and add the discounts you want to your account.  The cashier scans your phone at checkout to get the discount to apply.  They are mainly for a certain % off of a certain item, but every so often, you will run into an MFR.  You can use the % off for up to 4 items per transaction, you can only use the MFR once.
  • Red card – This is another target incentive program.  If you sign up for a red card then you will be able to save an additional 5% on every purchase.  If you use the cartwheel app, this would be an additional percentage off on top of your CW savings.  You have the choice of a credit card or debit card.  The debit card version links to your checking account and the funds are transferred as soon as you swipe your card.  Be sure to bring a blank check with you if you choose the debit card.
  • JFY – Just For You: This refers to the percent off purchase coupons that members receive, usually via email, that allows them to take an additional percent off all regular priced items they purchase in one transaction
  • OOP – Out Of Pocket: This is the total price you will pay after coupons are applied but usually before taxes are added
  • Rolling (ECB or GC) – This is when you purchase items in one transaction and receive a reward, then you do a second transaction and use the reward from the previous transaction to pay for the current transaction
  • Purchase – This refers to each item you are buying.  You can use 1 MFQ and 1 SQ on each purchase (item) at most stores.  If you have 4 bottles of shampoo that you are buying, then you are able to use up to 4 MFQ and 4 SQ coupons in that transaction (coupon restrictions may limit 2 coupons on some coupons)
  • Transaction – This is everything you are purchasing or buying.  If you have those same 4 bottles of shampoo, use 4 coupons and only pay once, then that is 1 transaction

It is very important to know the difference in what a purchase is and what a transaction is.  Many cashiers don’t know the definition or their stores’ coupon policy and will refuse to take your coupons.  I would highly suggest printing out the coupon policies to all the stores you coupon at or save them to your phone, so when you run into an issue you can pull out the policy and hopefully resolve the issue before you need to call over a manager or corporate.

For a full list of all the coupon abbreviations and couponers lingo, you can check out The Couponing Couple site along with other helpful tools for you to use such as the coupon database, where you can type in a product and it will show you all the coupons available.

Stay tuned for my next post on “Learning How to Read A Coupon”

Happy Couponing Y’all!


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