Couponing 101 series

Let’s get Organized…The Binder Method

So, you have decided to start couponing and have collected your coupons from all the various resources available such as your local Sunday newspaper,, and just to name a few.
Now, it’s time to get them into your coupon binder.


 What you will need:

  • A three ring binder, I recommend using a 2-inch binder as you will accumulate more than you think
  • A pack or two of baseball card sleeves (I bought these from Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon!)
  • Page dividers
  • Clear page protectors
  • Coupon Binder Organization Printables (I printed mine from this blog, Keeping Life Creative) but you can just do a Pinterest search and find a ton.  Mine are rich in color, so they drained the ink in my printer, you could also just type some out yourself and be good to go! I just like the pretty pictures lol
  • mini coupon folder (optional but useful)
  • 1-2 pencil case holders that clip into the binder (optional but useful)

Okay, now to assemble your binder.
First, put all of your baseball card sleeves into the binder, making sure they are all right-side-up, you don’t want to have to go back and flip them like I did lol

Second, one by one put the organization printable you choose and put those into the clear page protectors.  As you put one in the sleeve, add it into the binder leaving one or two card sleeves in between (you can adjust the amount as your needs change, but this is a good starting point).  Before long you will have your entire stack of pages in your binder.
In the front of your binder clip in the pencil cases if you choose to include them.  They are perfect for holding your pens, pencils, calculators, extra paper, scissors, or anything else you may need for couponing.
I have two in my binder, I use one for all my receipts that I get and the other for my pens, or random coupons that I need to file away.

Now, you are ready to add your coupons to the card sleeves.  You might have to fold or bend them for them to fit into the slots, but that’s okay, just try not to bend the barcode if at all possible.  We don’t want to give the coupon’s any reason not to want to scan at the register.  The coupons printed from your computer will defiantly not fit into the slots, just fold them so you can see the product at a glance.  Some categories will fill up faster than others so you may need to adjust a number of sleeves in that section.
Oral care, household, paper and plastic, medician, and office supplies seem to fill up the fastest for me.


Viola! You now have your very own coupon binder!  I would recommend to clean it out at least once a month to get rid of your old, expired coupons and to make room for new ones.  Now, you can either take this binder with you to the store when you go shopping (you never know when you might find an awesome deal, right?) Or, if you are like me and have your hands full as it is (I have a 4-month-old and a 3-year-old) you might want to do what I did and pick up a mini coupon folder.  I got mine at Wal-Mart for under $3.00.  It comes with 13 sections and I labeled each one, alphabetically, with the names of the stores that I have coupons for, a place for my ECBs, my receipts, fast food/restaurant, and a random slot for when I find a random coupons or peelies, I can file it away in my big binder when I get home.


It fits perfectly inside my diaper bag, so I can always have my coupons with me.
I hope you have as much fun as I do when couponing now that you have a binder to organize them in!

Stay tuned for my next post on “The Couponing Lingo”

Happy Couponing Y’all!


4 thoughts on “Let’s get Organized…The Binder Method

      1. I just tried on my phone and I was able to download them. Make sure you are clicking on the image of the pages and it should start to donate as a PDF. Then you just save them to your computer. Hope this helps! 🙂


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