Sunday chit chat

It’s Sunday…New coupons are here!

Happy Sunday y’all!

Sunday has become my favorite day of the week!  I try to start my Sunday’s by getting up and out of the house early so I can grab my 2 copies of the Sunday paper and of course my coupons (That is the only I get the paper after all lol)
In today’s paper, we received a total of 4 inserts!  There are 2 smart source inserts and 2 RedPlum inserts. If you live in the south, then you probably also received the Publix green flyer as well.


One tip for you today for when you buy your papers: make sure the correct amount of inserts are in the papers!  Once or twice I have gone to the store, picked up my paper and went straight to self-checkout (I am NOT a morning person lol).  When I got home to start clipping my coupons I discovered that I was missing an insert from one of my papers!  I was not a happy couponer that morning, but in the end, it was another lesson learned.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and have fun with your new coupons!

Happy Couponing Y’all!


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